Tuesday, 3 July 2012

my poems

Was inspired to write this poem after reading a Hindi poem from my school text. This is my second poem, the first being in Hindi posted in my mother's blog. With a little help with regards to the rhyming factor, I present to you this poem.

Freedom we seek

Freely up high in the sky we fly
When caged we seem to have lost our voice
Crashing inside the golden bars, as we try
Our wings we break with no other choice.

Flowing water is what quenches our thirst
Not when given in a golden bowl
Bitter lemon is not so cursed
Deprived of which we never feel whole.

In the bondage of golden chains
We forget our speed and flight
Hopping and skipping around the plains
Which in our dreams we saw it bright.

Our desire is to touch the blue sky’s horizon
Opening out like books to the sun’s rays
Never wanting to be caged like diamond
Our deepest desire never seem to raise.

All we want is a borderless sky
To hear our wings spread and flap
Never is it our longing to sigh
Breath does stop legs held in strap.

Deprived are we of the support of trees
Happy houses demolished why oh why
Please let us free to fly with ease
Open our cages and bid us goodbye.


  1. Hi Deepu

    On an auspicious full moon night
    You have started the blog well and right
    Like the eagle you will soar high
    To great heights in the boundless sky

    You have started the blog on a right note.I liked the nice verse and the apt picture.Do write regularly your musings.God bless you.
    Please make a provision for me to follow you
    Best wishes

    1. Thanks uncle and surely I will write more poems.

  2. Hello Deepak, thanks to KP uncle got read your beautiful poem. A good beginning you have made. Great for a youngster. Incidentally, the name of my blog is My Musings too. All the best.